Workshops and Courses

Emotional Intelligence

From its introduction in the late 1990’s, Emotional Intelligence continues to be the most significant behavioral change for individuals and organizations. Emotional awareness, emotional self-management, awareness of the emotions of others and managing the emotions of others are just four key elements in this personal and professional transformational program.

The Best Manager

Most managers are promoted to this important role without any real relevant skill development. Poor manager performance costs the US economy, by some estimates, USD300B annually. This program will bring out the BEST manager competencies in your managers.

The Best Performing Team

Success of organizations is driven by teams – at all levels. Creating the best performing teams will significantly improve productivity, engagement, performance and bottom line success.

Consultative Selling

The most successful sales teams in the B2B sales environment understand they keys to Consultative selling, building relationships and TRUST and becoming success partners.

Negotiation Skills

We all negotiate …in some way or another. Understanding the keys to successful negotiation – so that it doesn’t seem like negotiating delivers success – and builds strong ongoing relationships.

Successful Change Management

Change is constant. The organization which does not embrace change is on a path to failure. Innovation is the way to the future. Change culture drives success.

Customer Service

We all need customers. Without customers… business. This two-day program gives frontline customer service staff the key skills for delivering excellent customer-centric service.

Planning and Organizing

These are critical skill for managers, team leaders and team members especially where outcomes are driven by the need to bring multiple factors together from multiple stakeholders often in a defined time-frame.

Manager as Coach

Today, the practice of coaching team members is recognized as a key process for developing team members, increasing productivity and engagement. Two days understanding the ‘Why’ and the ‘How’ which every manager must understand and apply practically.

Presentation Skills

The ability of managers, team leaders and team members to present well to others is a critical factor in business success … and, consequently, in their career advancement.

Advanced Presentation Skills

For executives and managers who have experience at presenting in the corporate context, this program will significantly enhance their confidence and their success, with often-subtle insights and small but powerful changes to their presentations.

Understanding and Working with Personality Types – MBTI

A key to team success, to understanding colleagues, customers and even yourself, is to gain insight into personality difference. This one day, fun course uses the MBTI tool. Myers-Briggs Type indicator is the most widely recognized personality indicator globally.

Mind Mapping

Tony Buzan, the inventor of Mind Mapping, developed clear and simple ‘Rules’ to capture, recall, create, think, clarify and develop information with limitless applications. Now, over 250 million people world-wide use Mind Maps. Graham Moore was trained personal by the late Tony Buzan.