Simple Change To Improve Your Presentation Skills

Do you use a remote when you’re giving your PowerPoint presentation ?

This is an essential tool that will help you present seamlessly.

However, there are two things I often see that you need to be aware of.

The first is that I still see people either not using the remote – or ‘clicker’ – or having someone else use it for them.

No, YOU, the person giving the presentation must be in control and that means in control of when and how we move to the next slide.

The second thing I see – and I see this so much – is that the presenter when he or she wants to move to the next slide or PowerPoint image, points the remote to the screen and pushes the button on the clicker.

Seriously ? The screen is ‘dumb’. It’s simply a piece of white fabric material. There are no electronics in the screen.

The activation is in the computer on which the presentation is being driven. And these days, thanks to the technology which has been around for many years, you don’t even have to point the remote towards your computer.

I hold the remote device comfortably in the palm of my hand and when I want to show the next slide, without moving my arm to ‘point’ the remote anywhere, I simply ‘click’ on the button with my thumb.

Simple. Discrete. Professional.

So if you’re in the habit of ‘pointing’ to the screen, I guarantee you will make a difference which others will notice when you simply ‘click the button’ without pointing.

Graham Moore
Delivering Presentation Skills training and coaching for 25 years