Sales Training

Essential Selling Skills for Today’s Competitive Market
Presented by Graham Moore.

But the nature of selling has changed – and now the customer is more selective.
Selling the ‘old’ way simply wont work in today’s competitive environment.

In one recent Sales Course conducted by Graham in the Middle East the overall participant rating, covering 5 criteria, gave Graham a rating of

If you are in sales, you need to have the edge on your competitors. This two-day program will give you that edge.
For success in sales today, it is critical to understand how the buyer thinks, what the ‘drivers’ are to making the commitment to buy and how adding value to the relationship is often the ‘glue’ to the sales process.When you understand the key elements to the sales process – whatever you are selling – you will gain the edge on your competitors and your sales results will grow. The successful sales person in today’s competitive environment understands –
  • The Principles of Consultative Selling
  • The keys to influencing
  • Objective selling

If you are in sales Graham’s program will remind you, enlighten you, inspire you to achieve greater sales success. This program is not about theory – it is based on real-world, practical strategies, insights and approaches which get results.

Course Content and Format

Exclusive course elements which can be delivered by Graham include :

  • Emotional Intelligence for Sales Professionals*
  • Mind Mapping for increased Sales results
  • Presentation skills for sales professionals

*Research shows that the most successful sales professionals have a high level of Emotional Intelligence.

Programs are typically two-day courses with a follow-up four weeks after the training. During the time between, participants are given specific sales related exercises which will – guaranteed – improve sales and report back on those activities.
Example of a Course Outline

  • Understanding why you are selling
  • What is selling?
  • The Sales Cycle
  • Consultative selling
  • Listening
  • The Power of Questions in sales
  • Handling Objections effectively
  • Sales influencing skills
  • Gaining commitment (what we used to call ‘Closing”)
  • Relationships – the key to sales success
  • Understanding Buyer Psychology
  • The value of Objective Selling
  • Your six month sales plan – meeting and exceeding targets
This course is designed for

Sales professionals Account managers Clients service managers Business development managers Territory managers Sales representatives

About the facilitator –
Graham Moore has been presenting sales training for 20 years across a wide range of industries and selling environments. From consumables to high-end B2B, from chemicals to insurance, building products to motor vehicles and professional services
He estimates he has presented to over 9,000 sales professionals.
In Australia, Graham was an Associate Consultant with the Australian Institute of Management since 2001 until he moved to the UAE in 2009. During that time he has been a regular presenter of their range of programs designed for sales professional which are presented as public programs. These programs include Building Client Relationships, Essential Sales Skills and Improving Sales with Emotional Intelligence.
In the Middle East, his clients for sales courses includes companies in:

  • Building construction products
  • Electrical and light fittings
  • Road construction
  • Oil and lubricants
  • and others
  • Medical services
  • Professional service companies
  • Industrial machinery
  • Removals and storage

and an email follow-up program to increase the effectiveness of the learning.
Graham is also President of the International

During my sales career of over 30 years, I have participated in lots of great sales training
programs, however I found yours to be the most informative and enjoyable.
I came away with lots of great ideas I had not thought of before, that I am now successfully using every day.

Agnes Helwig