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Presenting Skills: Small Changes, Big Results


How often have you seen a manager or even someone more senior in your organization make a presentation to a group of colleagues or the team, even a more important ‘event’ and then someone else then follows that person and you react with a “Wow – that was impressive.” ?

I say in all my presentation skills programs that “The way you present, can be career limiting.”

And it’s true. (I’ll share an example in my next Presentation Skills Blog)

One executive or employee at a lower level may have a depth of knowledge about their field ; they might be ‘technically the most proficient accountant… or marketing expert … or operations manager…. the list goes on.

But when it comes to speaking in front of a group – large or small – the way they present shows a of lack impact and connection with those they’re speaking to.

Big fail.

On the other hand, people who present with confidence and know just a few simple ways to engage the audience and deliver the presentation with impact, stand out.

Having of knowledge of the topic is important but it’s not as important than the way you present.

Here’s one simple tip: make eye contact with your audience. Of course, that’s easier to do if the presentation is around a board table or a presentation where the numbers are small but look at the eyes (yes, the eyes) of one then another of your audience momentarily.

One senior executive I was working with recently told me that when he started doing this something happened which he couldn’t believe : his audience looked at him – not their mobile phones !

Making impact with your presentation skills, often requires just simple strategies which will get great results form you – and the effect will build your confidence and impact of your career.

I’ll share more simple but effective tips – so stay in touch.