Mind Mapping Will Change the Way You Use Your Brain – for GOOD

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Mind Mapping Will Change the Way You Use Your Brain – for GOOD

Mind Mapping Applications

“How can any business person be without this powerful tool?”
 Stephen C Lundin, author of the five-million-copy bestselling FISH!

Yes, that’s a Mind Map

It’s a Mind Map showing just some of the applications and uses of mind maps.

This one was created on a software called iMindMap that was developed by the man who invented Mind Mapping, Tony Buzan.

Of course, when Tony developed a process which is now used by some 250 million people world-wide, he didn’t develop the software at the time. Rather the Mind Maps he – and millions of other people draw – are hand-drawn. On a blank sheet of paper, using colored pens or pencils.

I carry a pad and colored pens in my brief case – as well as the software program on my laptop – so that I can draw mind maps wherever there is a need.

So where might there be a need ? Well, just some of the uses of Mind Maps are set out above. I might be in a meeting, preparing a presentation I’m due to make, planning my holiday, even thinking about where I want to take my business in the next 12 months.

Drawing a Mind Map absolutely develops your ability to think more clearly, to think of ideas, strategies, creative approaches and much more than you would otherwise.

And then, I know, you’ll recall that information so much more easily.

Here’s an example of what I mean about as I write this and mention the ‘easy recall’, I’m reminded of a Mind Map I drew 9 years ago setting out all I had to do for my move from Australia to live in Dubai.  I haven’t seen that Mind Map for … years .. and yet I can still see the items I included on that Mind Map now. I could have written a ‘to-do’ list but the Mind Map was far more effective – and memorable to this day.

People talk about or suggest setting things out on a mind map. So often they think that a mind map is much like a ‘flow-chart’ and they draw it accordingly. But in doing that they are missing out on the key elements for successful and effective Mind Maps.

Sure, the Mind Map above is rather simple in it’s ‘lay-out’. What it should contain are images to support the words and even replace the words. Why are images important ? Well, the brain understands, identifies and relates to images far more than it does to words.

When Tony Buzan developed Mind Mapping, he related the entire process to the ‘organic’ way the brain works. For example, the inclusion of images and colors to stimulate and excite the dendrites and neurons on the brain and allow us to think more clearly and creatively

And the lines are not just ‘lines’. They ‘grow’ out of the central image, like branches and lead to smaller or sub-branches just like brain cells.

Mind Mapping WILL change the way you think. And it’s surprisingly easy to use – when you do it the right way.

Graham Moore

Graham is a ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor. (The highest level of accreditation issued by the Buzan Organsation.) He regularly presents his Mind Mapping courses in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Karachi, Lahore, Bangladesh and Palestine.
Graham has been personally trained by Tony Buzan, the Inventor of Mind Mapping and global authority on creative thinking and by Jennifer Goddard, the No. 1 Master Trainer for Mind Mapping.

Here’s what Tony Buzan said;

“Graham….You have an excellent understanding of the ThinkBuzan methods … your extensive experience, creativity, enthusiasm and depth of knowledge give me no doubt that you will go on to teach our methods in the most effective way.”  Tony Buzan

Comments from recent Mind Mapping courses run by Graham:

“Fantastic. Knowledgeable, able to connect with diverse audience, great communicator, patient, open to ideas, supporting and motivational.
Overall – a great educator !”
Shaima Alawadhi
Manager – Key Account, DEWA 

“Thanks & feel lucky to do Mind Mapping course with you. I’m already practicing & it really works.”
Noor,  Qubee, Bangladesh