Mind Mapping

Presented by Graham Moore
ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor

Mind Mapping® will transform business performance. It is a powerful tool for increasing the effectiveness of thinking.

It has been described as the ‘Swiss army knife for the brain’. It is MIND MAPPING®

Invented by a man regarded as one of the world’s great authorities on thinking – Tony Buzan, Mind Mapping® is now used by millions of people around the world to enhance their thinking, creativity, memory and decision-making.

It is a powerful aid for memory recall. It changes how people learn, producing significantly better results for exams.

In business, Mind Mapping® has powerful applications at all levels of the organization and in all areas where thinking is required. It’s great for planning, organizing, note taking, note making, creative thinking, preparing presentations, negotiations, sales planning, clarifying – and creating.

Graham has conducted Mind Mapping programs in organizations specifically for

  • HR Professionals
  • Sales Professionals
  • Senior Management
  • Creative teams

Mind Mapping® has valuable and direct relevance in all aspects of our lives – from planning the next holiday to setting out development plans, Mind Mapping books, Mind Mapping presentations – even movies !

  • Transforming your thinking
  • How the brain connects ideas and thoughts – understanding how the brain works
  • Radiant thinking and the ‘bloom and flow’ of association
  • Drawing Mind Maps
  • Using The Laws of Mind Mapping to think clearly and creatively
  • Business Mind Mapping applications
  • Using iMindMap
  • Group Mind Mapping

Graham Moore is a ThnkBuzan Licensed Instructor (TLI). He was personally trained Tony Buzan, the inventor of Mind Mapping® and the No1 Master Trainer, Jennifer Goddard.

Graham is the most experienced accredited Mind Mapping® instructor in the Middle East. He has delivered Mind Mapping and Cre8ive Thinking courses from Palestine to Bangladesh, for government authorities, mutli-national companies as well as SME’s.

In the past 4 years over 500 participants in the Middle East are now using Mind Mapping® as a result of Graham’s training.

All participants in Graham’s Mind Mapping courses will be given free access to the Mind Mapping Middle East Community. This exclusive resource is designed to add to your knowledge of Mind Mapping with examples, videos and interviews with the global experts.

Comments from previous Mind Mapping® programs-

Fantastic. Knowledgeable, able to connect with diverse audience, great communicator, patient, open to ideas, supporting and motivational. Overall – a great educator!

Shaima Alawadhi Manager – Key Account, DEWA

He’s really amazing. Include me on any coming courses with Mr Graham.

Mubarak Al Ali


C.R. Muthurkumar

He is excellent in the delivery of ideas and material of the course.

Halima Al habshi

Excellent. Well delivered and conciseā€¦ a great learning experience.

Devendra Maisnam

Great content, certainly learnt a skill that I will continue to use, both in business and personally.

Karyn Tucker, The GPT Group