Used by over 2 million people worldwide each year, MBTI has for many years been the benchmark in helping people understand personality type.

In the US, it is used by most of the Fortune 100 companies. Globally it is used in over 70 countries and has been translated into over 30 languages.

So why is an understanding of Personality Type so important ? Organizations at every level are made up of individuals who have different personality types. When we have an understanding of difference and similarity with others, we are able to adjust, to build on our own strengths and compliment or work with the differences – strengths and perceived weaknesses – of others for significantly improved results.

  • In teamwork
  • In decision making
  • In communication
  • In relationship dynamics

There are no good or bad types – all types have some natural strengths and some possible pitfalls or blind spots.

Understanding your type and the types of others will give you powerful and practical insight into interpersonal relationships. You will gain an understanding of why you might be behaving a certain way – and why your colleagues, team members – your boss – behaves as they do. There is no ideal or preferred type : we are what we are. What is important is knowing ourselves and knowing others and being able to adapt accordingly.

This one-day program, which includes the MBTI assessment for each participant, describes the personality types in a way that participants connect with the definitions as applied to them, in a fun, engaging – and revealing way.

There are 16 Personality Types in MBTI based on 4 pairs of preferences. Participants are given a detailed description of each of the personalty types and indications on how they interact with each