Learning Platforms

Of course, we all know the value of ‘in person’ workshop delivery. The ability of the experienced facilitator to build relationships with participants, to connect with them in the training room, together with the valuable and effective workshop activities and experiential training, has become a challenge.

Out of the experience of the time of ‘lock-down’ and of social distancing, the process of workshop facilitation has had to change.

Online learning has been through a mini-revolution. And that was well overdue.

We are now able to offer the training format which suits you and your team. You decide the learning platform which best suits you and your teams:

In Person Workshops

We deliver in person workshops where pandemic restrictions allow and follow the required protocols.

In Person Virtual Workshops
Our facilitators have skills and processes which enable maximum learning and engagement in the live-virtual environment. We use Zoom as the delivery platform. Each session includes, where appropriate, relevant video,
breakout rooms, polling, two-way interaction between the facilitator and the participants and activities.
Virtual Learning

We offer a range of learning which is completely remote and virtual. The programs available are increasing as we move forward and are a response to our client’s needs. Using this platform, the programs have incorporated learning protocols where the participant is required to answer questions at the completion of each module before proceeding further. Of course, the learning can be undertaken at the pace and in the time which suits the participant.

Hybrid Learning Delivery
This enables participants to view short workshop-specific online videos, either prior to or following in person live and
in-person virtual workshops. When integrated with the other deliver formats, this provides a more effective learning experience – and impacts longer-term retention of the learning.