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  • introduce behavioural or cultural change
“As the International President of the Global Speakers Federation I’ve had the privilege of seeing many speakers from around the world…. Graham stands out as one of the best.”

Based on the globally recognised book of the same name with 30 years of evidence-based research on Leadership, Graham (Master Facilitator in Training of the Leadership Challenge) explores, engages and enthrals – and empowers with the Five Practices of Exemplary Leaders.

Leaders drive change organisationally and through that should enable others to follow. The best – exemplary – leaders create a vision which then imbues excitement, commitment and a will to achieve the outcome. But who is responsible for that and how do you do it in these times of constant change.

Leaders and their followers have one thing in common – they all have emotions. The leader who connects with the heart of those he is leading, who understands – when they’re ‘happening’ – how his own emotions impact on others – and how he can manage the emotions of others, will be a ‘leader of choice’. Engaging others, inspiring others, the Emotionally Intelligent leader (at all levels) knows that it’s his EQ not his IQ which is important for success.

Companies – organizations – usually have in their vision or charter a statement which relates to delivering Customer Service in a way that translates, hopefully, to the bottom line. But it’s not Customer Service that counts. Customers value – and remember – the experience, the emotions they felt. It’s the connection that counts – and that’s simple and powerful, when you know how to do it.

As a clinical hypnotherapist and former lecturer in psychophysics, hypnotherapy and the power of the mind, this revealing keynote presentation shows you, that YOU are in control of what you achieve. As Buddha said, “What you think, you will become.”

“Graham, your presentation was awesome… very motivational”
“Engaging, inspiring, thought provoking, excellent presentation skills.”
“….lots to take-away.”
“Excellent presentation, interesting, insightful, engaging & challenging.”

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