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Improving This Skill WILL Boost your Career

Presentation Skills

I want to take a few moments to talk to you about Presentation Skills. Whatever level you are in business today your ability to present well will have a significant effect on your career.

Why do I know this ? Well, there’s two main reasons: Despite the enormous growth of electronic communication in business, the communication which is delivered personally, by the individual, has and will always have the most impact.

And the second way I know it will impact your career is that I’ve trained and also coached senior executives who not only know how important it is for them to present effectively, but have seen significant career impacts as a result of working with me.

I’ve been conducting presentation skills workshops and coaching for, oh, around 20 years.  I understand what’s required and I understand how to bring out the best in the people I’m working with, after all, we’re all different.

My workshops are very personal – as I want to develop your skills, whatever level you’re at and whatever experience you’ve had.

Speaking in front of others may be something you struggle with, maybe you run away from it. And, like the others I’ve helped, I can help you overcome that as well.

Of course, there are many Presentation Skills courses in the Middle East. So what sets mine apart from the rest ?

Well, there are a umber of reasons. The first is that as well as being an experienced facilitator, I’m a professional speaker. Some courses are available where you don’t know the name or the experience of the trainer before you arrive for the training. But In this case, very clearly, you will be given individual attention not only by a facilitator with over 20 years experience but someone who is also an international professional speaker. I earn my living doing what I will be developing in you.

I share with you not only my experience but my observations of many hundreds, maybe thousand’s of other speakers.

There are a number of aspects which I know are only available through my course.

During the 3 days, you will be videoed 3 times. You will be given a copy of each recording as well as my written comments. This has been proven over the years to be most effective.

But there is one other reason why you will get the best possible outcome with this training. It’s called ‘ongoing learning opportunities’. That’s right. You see as a facilitator, I know that the learning is embedded, becomes a ‘part’ of you, when you actually do it in the workplace and have learning opportunities alongside that.

So how does this work? Well, as a graduate from one of my courses, you are given – yes, given – access to material to help you develop further.

This includes an MP3 audio program immediately on completion of the course.

Then, for 20 weeks, you’ll be sent weekly tips and reminders to help you develop further.

Yes, I’m committed to your development. I’d love to see you speak with impact.

Naturally, if I’m going to give you the best possible attention, places on this course are limited. I will only work with 10 and I’d be really pleased to see you among that exclusive group.

But you’ll have to register fast.

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