fa•cil•i•ta•tion n – the process of making something easy or easier

fa•cil•i•ta•tor n – somebody who aids or assists in a process, especially by encouraging people to find their own solutions to problems or tasks

We want you and your people, the people you lead, the people around you to have, as our name
suggests, more SUCCESS.
One of the processes we use is Facilitation. Facilitation is an often overused word in the area of people development. We know the ‘how’ of
people development, having worked with over 32,000 participants in 20 countries.
It’s often said that it takes 10 years to become truly an expert. Graham Moore has a 20 year career
facilitating change with individuals, across teams, across organizations across countries – and across
borders, internationally.
Graham is a recognised expert in group process dynamic facilitation – and creating the ‘sticking’ of
learning and embedding behavioural change.
Graham has been validated as being in the top 1% of facilitators worldwide.*

Our most in demand programs are:

The Leadership Challenge

Emotional Intelligence

Presentation Skills

Sales Training

Real Estate Sales Success

Mind Mapping®

The Leadership Challenge

*RAIT Facilitator Learning Effectiveness Assessment. 2009

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Leadership Essentials
  • 5 Star Customer Service
  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  • Presentation Skills – Basic and Advanced
  • MBTI
  • Crea8ivity and Innovation
  • Mind Mapping
  • Mind Mapping and Crea8ive Thinking
  • Sales programs – in various formats
  • Manager as Coach
  • Working with Cultural Diversity