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Hiring the right people is often the key to success for organizations.

Finding the right ‘fit’ is not always easy and the consequences of poor or misplaced selection, as Management and HR departments know, can incur considerable financial cost not only in finding a replacement but the loss of income during the critical period until the correct onboarding is completed and that person then becomes productive.

In a workplace environment which is regarded by many as the most culturally diverse in the world, the dynamic of the UAE requires local knowledge as well as understanding in specialist areas in recruitment.

In our Recruitment Division headed up by Rowen Nadia we bring our considerable experience to the Real Estate industry in the UAE.

From CEO’s to sales consultants and property managers, our focus on providing Recruitment solutions for the Real Estate industry is aligned with our programs of training for Real Estate professionals in the UAE.

If you’re looking to engage motivated, results-orientated management staff for your organization, email Rowen : Rowen@MooreSuccessME.com.au

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