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Effective coaching is now recognised by successful executives and leaders an essential process to enable them to develop, stay focused and achieve their corporate goals. Coaching has variously been described as ‘an indulgence’, resulting in ‘no real change’ to . Often the difference in the perception and the results is in the choice of the
coach and alignment to the objectives.
The key to effective coaching is having an experienced coach who is able to draw on his or her skills and experience to uncover – and if necessary, develop – the skills and gifts of that person through the coaching process so that the ‘coachee’ achieves the desired outcome.

Graham has considerable experience in helping clients in two areas:

  • Executive development
  • Personal development
  • Professional development
  • Business development

In supporting the coaching process and to enable a more insightful approach to each individual,
Graham as a number of tools at his disposal, dependent on which one he believes will deliver the
best developmental solution for the client. These tools include The Leadership Practices Inventory,
MBTI (Step 1 and Step 2), Hogan assessments (MVPI, HPI, HDS) and Genos EI Assessment.
He has also presented coaching skills courses for managers and team leaders for over fifteen years. Graham’s coaching client’s include heads of UAE government agencies, group managing directors, senior management teams, mid-level executives and managers and small business owners. He has been a coach for 18 years. In the last 12 months, he has conducted over 230 hours of coaching. As a coach he has worked with executives from diverse cultures, education and industries.