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Emotional Intelligence (EI) is having an increasing impact in the corporate world – and yet many people don’t know what it is or how it can be of real benefit to them in all aspects of their life. Our behaviour and performance at work is driven by the way we feel, whether we are aware of it or not – we can’t live and work without emotions. Emotional Intelligence is concerned with dealing effectively with our own emotions and the emotions of others. Because our emotions play a large role in both our thoughts and behaviours, emotions are a defining factor of how we act and perform at work as well as our home life. EI involves thinking ‘intelligently’ about our emotions and how they impact on our thoughts and behaviours.

Understanding and incorporating the principles and the competencies skills of Emotional Intelligence are now recognised as important predictors of an individual’s success in the workplace.

In the workplace, Emotional Intelligence has been shown to impact on such key areas as:

  • Communication
  • Relationship building
  • Rapport
  • Team engagement
  • Team management principles
  • Working with individual differences
  • Motivation
  • Coaching
  • Performance management
  • Decision-making
  • Shared responsibility principles
  • Innovating problem solving

Participants will be able to identify ways of making improvements in these areas and others with their understanding of EI and it’s demonstration in the workplace.

Unlike other ‘intelligences’, such as that which is most often referred to as an individual’s ‘IQ’, Emotional Intelligence can be learned and developed.

Graham Moore presents a TWO-day workshop on Emotional Intelligence This workshop will not only give participants an understanding of EI but will give specific and practical strategies to incorporate into their lives, both at work and at home.

This course is designed for bbusiness heads along with executives, manager, supervisors and team leaders who wish to develop an understanding of how Emotional Intelligence can impact on their leadership – and the business outcomes.

The Genos™ Emotional Intelligence Assessment tool which Graham is accredited to deliver is available as recommended option for participants on this course. The assessment can be a Self-assessment or Multi-Rater – 360° – assessment. Individual costs apply and participants must complete the assessment one week prior to the course

Participants in this program will receive a FREE MP3 audio program on Emotional Intelligence by Graham Moore.

As human beings, emotions are with us all the time. It is now recognised that success in the workplace is more likely linked to Emotional Intelligence than ‘head’ intelligence. This program will give participants an understanding of the concept of Emotional Intelligence and how it’s application will enable increased success in their lives – with specific focus on improved workplace outcomes.

As a result of this course participants will:

  • Understand the difference between IQ and EQ
  • Understand the concept of Emotional Intelligence
  • Understand the importance of identifying individual emotions
  • Identify specific workplace events and situations in which they can effectively use EI
  • Improve the depth of communication effectiveness they have with colleagues and clients
  • Have a greater understanding of ‘self’ and their own emotions
  • Be able to identify their own emotions in real time and manage them effectively
  • Understand ways to recognise and manage the emotions of others
  • Develop an on-going EI improvement plan

  • Understanding Intelligence – IQ : EQ
  • The Emotional Brain
  • Introduction to Emotional Intelligence
  • The Seven Competencies of Emotional Intelligence
  • Reviewing your EI assessment (where this is included in the pre-work)
  • Understanding Emotions – The Importance of Empathy
  • Enhancing Emotional Self-Awareness
  • Identifying and practicing Emotional Expression
  • Developing Emotional Awareness of Others

  • Thinking with Emotional Reasoning
  • Emotional Self-Management – it’s up to you
  • Developing the Skill of Emotional Management of Others
  • Enhancing Emotional Control
  • Communicating with EI
  • Identifying specific workplace applications – Including case studies and role plays
  • Your Personal EI Plan – Strategies for developing your Emotional Intelligence

“It was an excellent session with good relevance of EI theory to practice.”
Sarwat Ali, AVP/ Head of TP & PR, United Bank of Pakistan Limited

“As a global organization, we are proud of our relationship with you, confident in your capability and look forward to engaging you again in the future.” Pete Jensen,
Senior Organizational Consultant, Drake Workwise

“Graham was absolutely fantastic. Really, really enjoyed it.”
Fleur Mathers, Melbourne City Council

“Graham is passionate about EI and it shows and he transfers this to the participants.”
Peter Piculovski, Senior Manager, Aust. Department of Defence