Are You Suffering from ICRO (Information Capture and Recall Overload ) ?

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Are You Suffering from ICRO (Information Capture and Recall Overload ) ?

Mind Map

There’s got to be a better way !

Do you ever feel that these days there is so much information coming our way, so much we have to remember, or be aware of, or organize that it’s almost overwhelming ?

The amount of information which travels through the internet every day is growing exponentially. And the amount of information which comes directly to us as individuals seems to grow each day, also.

Tony Buzan saw the difficulties we face in this regard many years ago. He challenged the way we recorded and recalled information in what was the ‘traditional’ way. The ‘linear’ way of recording information, that is, writing lines of text, is, he believed, limiting – and tedious.

There’s got to be a better way!

Developing a visual process that replicates the way the brain works, he ‘invented’ Mind Mapping.

Images, single words, using color, all connected and associated thoughts form basis of the amazing ‘structure’ of a Mind Map.

Mind Mapping – correctly, as devised by Tony – will transform your thinking, your ability to recall, your problem-solving ability, your creative thinking, your organization skills and so much more.

You can Mind Map your to-do list for the day, your personal and professional goals, your holiday plans, you can mind map a book you’re reading – or going to write – as well as the company’s org structure, the new project you’ve just been assigned….the list is never ending (even your shopping list !)

And the process itself is so simple although there are ‘rules’ to follow to get the best results. Words in a series of boxes connected by lines are what we call ‘proto-mind maps” and they’re not effective.

The only ‘tools’ you’ll needs are plain sheets of paper and a set of colored pens. And of course, these days there is fantastic and easy to use software like iMindMap.

Mind Maps will transform the way you think. The estimates suggest that over 250 million people around the world use Mind Maps.