About us

Moore Success began some 20 years ago and is now is a Dubai-based company providing training and development programs throughout the Middle East. As a natural extension of our development programs, we now also provide recruitments services, across a range of industries including real estate, property management, facilities management, consulting and project management. After successfully operating in Australia for 14 years, Graham Moore made the move in 2008 to establish Moore Success M.E in Dubai as he recognised the growing need for quality learning and development programs in the Middle East. Since that time, More Success M.E has provided training programs to all GCC countries as well as Pakistan, Palestine and Bangladesh. Among the courses and coaching programs delivered in the years the company has been established here are leadership, sales, customer service and communication skills. With a number of specific accreditations to address out clients needs, Graham is able to provide The Leadership Challenge programs and the Leadership Practices Inventory®, MBTI® programs, Genos™ Emotional Intelligence assessments and programs and Hohan assessments. Graham is a ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor and is the most experienced accredited Mind Mapping instructor in the Middle East. The newest and most exciting development for the company is the addition of the Recruitment division, headed up by Rowen Nadia. Rowen and the recruitment team have specialist experience in real estate, sales, technology, and project management. The keys to successful outcomes in business today – recruiting and training the right staff.